This page provides information about conference location, parking, and session types. If you have further questions about any of these topics, please contact us.




All CARR events will be held on the Syracuse University campus in the Hall of Languages (click here to view the Hall of Languages positioned on Google Maps). For a digital map of the campus, please visit

Registration will begin at 8:00 AM in front of Room 500. Breakfast, lunch, and both the 9 AM and 4 PM keynotes will be held within Room 500.

All panel sessions will be held on the first and second floors of the Hall of Languages. For more information about sessions and their locations, please see the Program page.


Hall of Languages Accessibility Details

(Hall of Languages has an accessible entrance on the southeast side, accessible restrooms on the 1st & 5th floors, and an elevator.)





Free parking for the conference will be available in the Quad 4 Lot, accessible via College Place. To find out more information about how to access this lot driving from different directions, please visit Parking and Transit Services and click on "Maps and Directions" to find Quad 4.

Map of Quad 4 lot, entrance off College Place

(Map of parking area: Quad 4 parking lot, situated between College Place and Euclid Avenue. The Hall of Languages, the site of the conference, is in the upper left-hand corner of this map.)




Session Types

We encourage you to propose the presentation style that best showcases your work for the CARR. If you have questions about the differences between different sessions, please review the following breakdown:

Panel presentations are the most common form of conference presentation. For this conference, there will be 4 participants per session, and each presenter has 10-12 minutes to present. After all the speakers are finished, there will be a 10-15 minute discussion session. During the discussion, you may also address or query the other panelists if you have questions yourself. For the CARR, panel presentations can vary from the standard presentation of academic research to a more informal and conversational presentation to a creative performance or storytelling.

Roundtables feature an average of 5-6 speakers who have 5-10 minutes each to speak about a particular issue (e.g. Everyone speaks about Occupy Syracuse). Sometimes, papers from the speakers might be circulated among the roundtable members or even prospective attendees.

Poster presentations
ask participants to visually display their ideas as either an outline of findings, an essay of several pages IN length, charts and graphs, artwork, or photographs. Presenters prepare some brief comments about their display and answer questions from visitors.

Many other types of conference presentations, including poetry readings, performance, and creative non-fiction are welcome in the CARR. If you have any questions about your proposal, please feel free to contact us at




"How To..."

If you would like information about writing and presenting, please visit our "Resources" page.